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Yana is a small hill station near Kumta in Uttar Kannada District. It is popular because of the two black crystalline limestone formations named as Bhairaveshwara peak and Mohini peak. Located in the picturesque green background of the Sahyadri Mountains, these peaks are a feast to the eyes of any nature lover.
Yana is also a well known pilgrimage spot during Shivaratri for car festival celebration of lord Bhairaveshwara. The rock hillocks are surrounded by thick forests and water streams; trekking in this part of the Western Ghats is a dream of every adventure lover. The adventure hill station is located at a distance of 25 km from Kumta and 62 km from Karwar.
You will have to trek 3 km to reach these unusually tall rock peaks from the Yana village base and you will have to walk through a steep forest route, which is a biodiversity hotspot of Sahyadri range. The Bhairaveshwara hillock has a 3 m wide passage that leads to a cave, which embodies the self-manifested Shiva Lingam; there is an idol of goddess Parvati in the Mohini. From the overhead roof of the hillock, water trickles on the Shiva Lingam, which looks like the Goddess Ganga emerging out of the Shiva Lingam.